Root Motion Extractor - UE4

Extract root motion data and transfer it to in-place animation.

Network Replicated

  • Not Applicable

Supported Development Platforms

  • Windows 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit

Supported Target Build Platforms

  • Windows 64 bit
  • Windows 32 bit

Supported Versions

  • 4.16
  • 4.17
  • 4.18
  • 4.19
  • 4.20
  • 4.21
  • 4.22

Project Info


  •  Extract Movement Speed
  •  Extract Right Movement
  •  Extract Forward Movement
  • Extract Up Movement
  • Extract Yaw rotation
  • Extract Pitch rotation
  • Extract Roll rotation
  • Write to Animations
  • Write to Float Curve Assets
  • Easy to use interface
  • Batch Extraction
  • Bone Capture


This plugin lets you extract root motion data. Using the extracted data, you can fix errors like foot sliding and let’s you use all root movement coordinates in non root motion animations.

Transfer root motion data to float curves or animation curves and enjoy.

 Just pick source asset with root animation, an in-place target animation, make your capture channel selection and press Extract. It’s that easy.

 This suits perfectly with Kubold or Riko Animations set.

 Don’t forget to check the tutorial videos!

    Aditional Notes

    Batch Extraction Tutorial: Video

    Incremental Extraction Tutorial: Video

    Bone Extraction Tutorial: Video



    1. James Thomas Moody

      Would be nice to see a basic tutorial on how you would use the curves – I have searched everywhere (and watched the suggested paragon videos from unreal etc) and still can’t find anything that actually shows you. The paragon videos hint at what they did, but said it is not ready in UE4. Any help?

      • liviuchirca

        A simple tutorial and example would be this one. For more complex, you need to adapt the data to your needs.

        As i remember this pack uses curves, it’s a good learning material:

        Also some packs from Mocap Online use curves.

        Unfortunately i can’t create tutorials on data usage. RME it’s just a plugin that automates the creation of curves, what you do with the data is your task as a developer.

        • James Moody

          Thanks for your reply – sure, I get your point, will continue to investigate further. I have been extracting data from root motion anims, but I have the issue that it is not clear what the data is displaying – forward velocity graph, is it average velocity of whole skeleton from starting point 0,0,0? Velocity of what from where? Is it a real velocity (speed in all axis?).

          I assume it is just speed in forward axis, but I have a jog anim that outputs a complete straight line when extracting just forward velocity, but if I use the same anim on spine 1 bone, the velocity does not match at all, and oscillates like a sine curve at a much lower speed value.

          And the videos show a precision slide, mine does not, so i assumed you had changed it to always output the highest precision, but my graphs do not output the same level of precision shown in your high precision output. I get that it is my job as developer to make use of the data, but as a developer I need to know what the data is to be able to make use of it.

          • liviuchirca

            1. Right, Forward and Up Movement is amount of units the bone changed its location on XYZ axis.
            2. Roll, Pitch and Yaw is the rotation on XYZ axis.
            3. Movement speed is the vector length between current and previous location divided by delta and in the end multiplied by the RateScale.
            4. There is also an incremental option which let you either accumulate from the beginning of animation or use the value from last to current frame.

            So basically you have all the data you would possibly need, for root bone or individual bones, XYZ for location and rotation and also the speed at which it moved.

            Precision slider was removed as it was completely useless and provided some inaccurate results.

            Obviously, you have access to the source code written in C++ if you need to understand more or modify it to adapt it to your own use. Location of the source is here: \EpicGames\UE_4.22\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace


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